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Subtle Body Immersion - The Koshas

A perhaps less known however incredibly interesting topic, this workshop on the koshas (sheaths) will de-mystify these layers and make them relevant and applicable to yoga practice as well as day-to-day life. Questions like “how do the thoughts in the mind affect our muscles and also our sense of bliss?” and “How do I observe my mind and take different action?” will be explored.

There will be time dedicated to physical practice, group discussion, and individual writing and meditation exercises. We will also cover how these sheaths can be used to better understand the whole being to cultivate balance and alignment. This weekend will be a safe space for self-inquiry and healing through insight. All are warmly welcomed. We will meet from 2-8PM on Saturday and Sunday. More information and registration at

Earlier Event: January 25
Later Event: March 29
Friday Sadhana